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Learning to trade can be one
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Developing a Successful Strategic Trading Plan

12 Hour Online Course
Presented by Dr. John Keppler and Bill Duryea

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This eleven-hour course combines the shared experience and knowledge of two prominent and leading experts in the field of trading. This unique collection of valuable market lessons and strategies is presented by both Bill Duryea and Dr. John Keppler. Bill Duryea, is the founder of the institute of Auction Market Theory and Dr. John Keppler is the author of the book “Profit with the Profile: Identifying Market Value in Real Time” and director of the Strategic Trading educational program.

Auction theory is the applied branch of economics that deals with how people act in auction markets and identifies the characteristics of trading behaviors in auction markets. It involves important concepts like optimal and equilibrium bidding strategies, laws of supply and demand, liquidity, price volatility, initiative and responsive behaviors.

Understanding these dynamics is crucial for anyone interested in participating in auction markets.

Today almost all financial instruments are traded in an electronic auction market, Bill Duryea and Dr. Keppler have both spent many years studying electronic market auction systems and processes that govern and regulate price movement. Their studies are based on actual market data, data that is generated by market auction activity. This activity-based data provides a clear image of Market development and Market Structure as it develops in real time.

Dr. Keppler and Duryea both implement the scientific method and approach as the basis for their study and analysis of the markets. They rely on actual market data that is generated by market activity as the foundation of their trading strategies and trading decisions.

The basic premise of their trading techniques and methods is based on their shared research finding which indicates that the Financial Markets are neither Random nor Chaotic. They often simply appear that way to the uninformed.

We invite you to watch and study this eleven-hour presentation as Dr. Keppler and Duryea present the concepts and essential tools that they use to identify trading opportunities.

Watch as Dr. Keppler and Bill Duryea present:

  • How and why the market data forms and develops distinct Market Profile Structures.
  • Describe the anatomy of Footprint charts and how they can provide valuable insights into order flow.
  • Provide a practical description of how to set up and apply the Keppler Volume Tracking Indicator to identify major volume activity as it occurs in real time.
  • Discuss the twelve essential rules that must be understood prior to trading in an auction market.
  • Examine how to use bid and ask volume data to time your trading entries and exits.
  • Describe the techniques and methods that are used to analyze order flow in real time and determine whether buyers or sellers are in control of the market.
  • Highlight some of the repetitive patterns that are created by market activity
  • Identify specific patterns that accompany potential trading opportunities.

We invite you to join us and personally experience the difference.

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